Tuesday, October 6, 2020

Webinar on Volunteering at the Time of Pandemic 2.0

 Ano ang Tugon ng Ating Sektor?

The Filipinos’ generosity of spirit and solidarity with underserved sectors and communities have brought about a lot of local and national efforts to combat COVID-19.   One pressing concern that has surfaced is - “How do we sustain that communities are able to reduce risks and boost local support in mitigation strategies?”

This webinar will feature experiences, learnings, and recommendations on how volunteer-involving organizations (VIOs), corporate and government provided COVID-19 interventions towards building community resilience, whilst ensuring that volunteers are not unduly exposed to high risk situations and upholding our duty of care. Aside from the PhilCV roster we will also invite other organizations and government agencies we deemed would benefit from this learning session (we’re targeting 200 participants). 

 By the end of the webinar the participants will:

  • Understand how  volunteer involving organizations (VIOs) ramped up the involvement of citizens as volunteers in strengthening ‘community resilience’ to the pandemic;
  • Get some tips on providing COVID-19 interventions from community level to households level towards maintaining a COVID-free community and;
  • Understand what practical support, guidance and partnerships available within our sector (i.e., within PhilCV network and with the government) 



*PhilCV Pilot Project: Strengthening Volunteers’ Engagement and Social Inclusion in Building Resilient Communities to COVID-19

  • Blas Ofelie S. Descallar, Executive Director, Jesuit Volunteer Philippines Foundation, Inc.  
Optimizing local influence to mitigate effects of the pandemic 
JVPFI volunteers maximize local influencers in bringing COVID-19 IEC intervention from communities to household level.
  • Ma. Pia Paz Gan Uygongco, Executive Director, Uygongco Foundation, Inc. 
Valuing ‘bayanihan’ spirit to increase ‘community resilience’ to COVID-19
UFI draws inspiration on how volunteers learn to be adaptive despite of many limitations brought by the pandemic.
  • Josephine T. Estopil, Executive Director, Josefa Segovia Foundation, Inc.
Volunteering as catalyst for citizen engagement and social inclusion
How JSFI beneficiaries took ownership of the project and make it as catalyst to animate volunteers within the tribal community.

*Volunteerism in Action  - Camille B. Buenaventura, Internal CSR Manager, San Miguel Corp.

*Government initiatives on sustaining “collective action” to collective resilience in times of crisis

Donald James D. Gawe, Executive Director, Philippine National Volunteer Service Coordinating Agency (PNVSCA)

Note: The webinar is FREE and open to all. Click this link to REGISTER:


- Webinar Partners -

In collaboration with: 

  • Jesuit Volunteers Philippines Foundation, Inc.

  • Josefa Segovia Foundation, Inc.

  • Manila Water Foundation, Inc.

  • Ronald McDonald House Charities PH

  • Philam Foundation, Inc.

  • Philippine National Volunteer Service Coordinating Agency (PNVSCA)

  • San Miguel Corp.

  • Uygongco Foundation, Inc.

  • VSO Philippines


Thursday, May 14, 2020

Webinar on Volunteering at the time of Pandemic in the Philippines

Ano ang Volunteering Continuity Plans Natin?


It is common practice in the private sector to have Business Continuity Plans (BCP) as a tool to manage their risk and to be able to continue providing their products and services given different emergency scenarios. All the companies’ BCP plans were put through a stress test given the ECQ as a result of the Corona Pandemic. Many were caught flatfooted given the unprecedented scale that the pandemic impacted many businesses and many had to quickly adapt to survive.

Similarly the Volunteer Sector was also placed in a quandry with the imposition of the enhanced community quarantine limiting mobility not to mention the real possibility of contracting the Corona Virus while in the act of volunteering.  The issue of “duty of care” was also a main consideration both for the volunteer and volunteer receiving organization. Another concern was whether “makakatulong nga ba or makakabigat pa ang mga volunteer” given the specific skill sets being required in battling COVID-19 in the frontlines.

And yet, volunteer our people did, in spite and despite the ECQ and Corona Virus. The webinar will explore the different forms of volunteering that transpired during the lockdown and how the different limitations were addressed and overcome. It will highlight the organizations that were able to quickly adapt to the scenario that faced us all and yet effectively tapped into the spirit of volunteerism and bayanihan among Filipinos.


Target audience:
  • Government
  • CSOs
  • Corporate sector
  • Academe and students
  • Faith-based groups/Pos
  • All types of Volunteer-Involving Organizations (VIOs)
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  • Volunteers

In collaboration with:
  • Philam Foundation, Inc 
  • RockEd Philippines/TOWNS
  • AFP Leadership Development Center
  • VOICE Network - Philippine Network of VOICE Volunteers, Inc.

For more info or further clarifications, email: secretariat.philcv@gmail.com