Monday, October 11, 2021

PhilCV's 7th Annual Membership Meeting (AMM)

During the PhilCV's 7th Annual Membership Meeting, NEDA Asec. Carlo Abad Santos, Chair, Multi-Sectoral Advisory Board (MSAB) was invited to give his Keynote Address. He started his talk by acknowledging the PhilCV Officers, the members’ representatives, the representatives from the PNVSCA, and the other guests. MSAB Chair started his talk by sharing this quote “Coming together is a beginning, staying together is progress, and working together is success” by Henry Ford.  

He congratulated everyone (for its 7th Annual Membership Meeting (AMM), which shows firm leadership. He acknowledged the progress made in the midst of the challenging period, being able to manage to come together and celebrate. He said that PhilCV’s efforts and assistance paved the way to numerous volunteerism opportunities in the country.                                                                                                                    

He shared that each one’s participation and passion play vital role in making volunteerism a means towards achieving resiliency and sustainable development. Amidst the pandemic, it is worth noting that volunteerism is not just an emergency response but a cross-cutting strategy to achieve our development goals.

He also emphasized that Bayahinhan 2.0 - Philippine Standards for Volunteering for Development (PSVD) will certainly serve as an important guide towards making volunteerism more momentous to the development agenda of our country. With organizations becoming more pro-active in extending support and assistance during non-disaster and emergency response situations, the PSVD will surely help organizations implement their volunteering activities efficiently and effectively. With PNVSCA’s vision of creating a society where Filipinos actively participate and volunteer to be able for every Filipino to achieve to a “Matatag, Maginhawa at Panatag na Buhay in 2040”. He added that there is a need to strengthen the volunteering infrastructure by fully mainstreaming volunteerism in all sectors and leveraging volunteerism to achieve sectoral outcomes, such as in the fields of science and technology and training particularly micro, small and medium enterprises.

He challenged PhilCV to complement the development and promotion of the Philippine Standards for Volunteering for Development with the development thrusts of the government. He said that the government  acknowledge and appreciate PhilCV’s efforts and mechanisms to upgrade the capacities of volunteer-involving organizations, to widen partnerships between and among private and public sectors, to institutionalize knowledge management and knowledge sharing among stakeholders, to conduct advocacy activities and to harness relevant technologies. He encouraged everyone to continue to spark hope and work together to create solutions as we respond to the challenges of the pandemic.

Three new member organizations were welcomed and took oath as Member of PhilCV, namely:
  • Foundation for the Development of Agusanons, Inc
  • Ilawan Center for Volunteerism & Leadership
  • MSC Center for the Poor - Butuan

Chair Max Ventura served as the Administering Officer. After the Membership Pledge, he welcomed the new members to the coalition, the PhilCV, expressed his gratitude for having new members from Mindanao.

The Philippine Standards for Volunteering for Development (PSVD) was launched followed by the President's Report (Camille Buenaventura), Treasurer's Report (Phoebelyn Carrera) and Five (5) Year Strategic Plan for PhilCV's Members inputs and comments.

PNVSCA Director Donald Gawe gave a brief Closing Message. He thanked PhilCV for inviting PNVSCA to its 7th Annual Membership Meeting. He’s glad that PhilCV is on the right track and he’s happy to witness how active PhilCV is. He acknowledged the work entails for the partnerships, and he informed that PNVSCA is currently reviewing MOU with PhilCV and will soon incorporate their inputs and they hope it will be signed immediately. He also invited PhilCV for a bilateral meeting to plan out activities for the upcoming NVM. He’s looking into something grand that probably we can do with all the regions in the country, probably a launch with Regional Development Councils, to probably launch the Philippine Standard for Volunteering for Development.





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